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Friday, 5 September 2014

Helpful Articles and Blog Posts

Hi folks,
in the absence of a beautifully crafted, intelligent and inspiring blog post from any members of Mairangi Writers this week may I offer the substitute of similar things written by other experts? Check out these links for ideas, techniques, tips and traps.

This is a good article when you have trouble getting going.

2. Conquer the fear.

I believe most writer's block doesn't come from lack of inspiration. If you've sat down to write something, chances are you have something to say. The real problem is fear--fear that what you write will be ridiculed, or simply won't meet your own high standards.
My secret for overcoming that fear (yes, professional writers have it, too) is to put words down with a serious lack of commitment. This is what I'm writing as if it were my real work, but it's not, I'm going to change it later. Even if you do write something awful, once it's written, you will likely see how to make it better. --Minda ZetlinStart Me Up
Want to read more from Minda? Click here.
This covers several useful aspects of self-publishing, particularly this one...

5. It's tough getting your self-published book into book stores. As someone who has a publisher, I can tell you that getting placement for your book in a bookstore is hard. Bookstores only want to give space to proven authors. There’s a self-publishing company called Lighting Source, which has a relationship with Ingram books, the world’s largest book distributor. Ingram distributes books to all the major bookstores. Yes, Ingram can get your book in the bookstores catalog but not necessarily in the actual bookstore.

By the time you've read those and followed a few of the associated links you'll be inspired!
Thanks to Vicky Adin for the suggestions.
Keep on writing!

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