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Jean Louise Allen

First Fiction : The Flatty won a BNZ Katherine Mansfield Novice Award.
First Book: Bitty by the River had two stories read over NZ National Radio.
First Novel: River River Raupo Rye  NZ Historical Fiction.
Next Novel: The River at War - in progress.
Children's books: the Little Person series of 7 early readers.

Nickname : ‘Angel with Attitude’. 

Record: Born – Northern Wairoa. Lives - Waitemata . 

Lifestyle - Irregular walking, regular trips to the Kaipara and very regular writing of fun-verse keep her fit, sane and smiling.


  1. Thank you Jean, for a delightful book. Beautifully written with very poetic descriptions about life on the river. Times were tough and you captured those times and the strength of the characters perfectly.

    1. Thank you Vicky. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it and it's a great feeling when a reader enjoys one's book.

  2. River, River, Raupo Rye: This is a charming book set near the Northern Wairoa River around 100 years ago. Jean has a delicate touch and brings the characters to life with a deceptive ease. A mixture of romance, disappointment in love, control and a lesson in learning to cope with adversity the story glides as smoothly as the river through picturesque surroundings. Highly recommended.

    1. Thank you Pimelia. Those are the areas I aimed for but by the time the book is out I get very nervous. That you, as a reader, enjoyed River River Raupo Rye gives me joy - for it is for readers that that books are written. The sequel should be out next year.

  3. Are you the author of the play "Five Men: Portraits in four acts?" Or is that a different Jean Allen? If so, please e-mail me at winterst at cord dot edu. Thanks!