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Monday, 22 September 2014

How to link your Blog Posts to Facebook

This is a brave experiment . Let's see if I can successfully create a link to get our blog posts to show up onto our Let's Buy Books Facebook page. I've Googled the possible procedures, tried them out, and the first few failed miserably when the screens that appeared on following the instructions bore no resemblance to the sample illustrations. But persistence is the key to beating unhelpful technology so I'm trying another approach. And another. The trick is not to give up - or to find someone who knows more about it than you do!

If this test post fails it's time for the Final Solution...ask The Husband. Let's see how we go...
Success!!! And The Husband is impressed! The solution, for those who want to do the same, is to set up an account on Twitterfeed and make the connections there. Here's the link to the instructional video I followed.
Phew. Time for a celebratory whisky I think.

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