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Jenny Harrison

Jenny Harrison writes both serious non-fiction and light-hearted comic fiction. She has eight published books and about thirty in a bottom drawer. She recently published 'The Lives of Alice Pothron', the story of Alice and Emile Pothron, an American couple who were trapped in wartime France and of their miraculous escape. She has just published the fourth in her Panui series, 'Rusty & Slasher's Guide to Crime', and is working on a sequel. She lives in New Zealand with a husband, an orange cat and a classical guitar.


  1. Are you sure it's not an orange guitar and a classical cat Jen?

    1. Well done Hellfire, keep up the good work! I hope that you get this as my other replies have gone into cyber space, Lucky

  2. So much fun getting to know you....Mad Mary (grimace! Still, it probably fits better than Mary Mouse.)