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Bev Robitai

Bev Robitai has been writing busily for the last eight years. Her most recent publication is A Reassuring Guide to Self Publishing in which she lays out the step by step process of getting a book to readers. In 2013, when reading about the possible effects of a solar storm on world technology, she was inspired to write Sunstrike, a post-apocalyptic crime novel about Averie Brown, a suburban mother who loses contact with her son in Bali when all technology is lost after a solar flare. The second story set in the Sunstrike world follows Averie's son Bradley and his journey halfway around the world to get home.

Bev's second love is crafting murder mysteries set in the world of amateur theatre. It's a place she knows well after spending a nearly decade in the dark behind the scenes of a small historic theatre in Nelson, New Zealand. The shows, the characters and the fun are all captured in these lighthearted mysteries, starting with Murder in the Second Row. The second book, Body on the Stage, follows a newcomer to the theatre as he loses weight and finds himself during a season of 'Ladies Night'.


  1. Hi Bev, a great read and enjoyed it immensely. Can't wait for the next one, and I'm sure John Nettles will be impressed too.
    Catch up with you soon,

  2. Bev,
    You are blessed with so many talents, not least of which is writing and publishing this fantastic murder mystery. I don't normally read that genre but I loved its humour and thoroughly enjoyed following Dennis on his agonising path to his own triumphant sexy athleticism. What a guy! Though I have to say I think Cathy is a stalwart of a character. Good on her; she deserves a medal!
    And so do you, a jolly good read.