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Friday, 29 August 2014

The Auckland Independent Book Festival, Aug 16, 2014

The first festival of its kind turned out to be a huge success with plenty of members of the public joining the many authors displaying their wares and exclaiming over the stunning range of works that filled two halls. Not a shabby, badly-produced book in sight - rather a collection of vibrant, creative and appealing books that truly deserve a wider audience. How do we get them into bookstores?


Mairangi Writers did our part in adding to the colour and range. Here are Jenny, Erin and Vicky at the start of the day. Erin's new book Cissie sold well and drew a lot of attention.

We were still smiling by the end of the day, six hours later, even though the coffee truck had run out of cups!
 Bev, Jean and Erin, almost ready to pack up the remaining books and count the takings.

Our sign-up sheet for interested passers-by got 24 names wanting to win a free book, and getting carried away by the excitement we decided to give EVERY entrant a book and some extras, all donated by members of the group. This necessitated a working bee this week to select and address the parcels and arrange delivery.

Evan, Pam, Vicky and Erin hard at work (with Bev behind the camera as usual.)

And finally for this week's news, we have to wish Jenny well in her move south of the city to Te Aroha. The locals won't know what hit them! We hope to be in regular contact by email and perhaps have a writers field trip later in the year when the weather warms up.
Here's Evan giving a speech at the farewell lunch on Monday which was an occasion of riotous good cheer at the Browns Bay Club.

OK, there are six pictures there so that counts as at least six thousand words. Blog post done!
Back to writing. Or a cup of coffee first.

Bev Robitai

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