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Evan Andrew

Evan Andrew lives on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand and is a widely-travelled historian who enjoys researching his books. An enthusiastic skier, tennis player and gardener, he also enjoys racing and breeding thoroughbreds.
He has several novels in print, all historic dramas. Shadows in the Night is set in the Regency period after Waterloo and follows Julia as she leaves the Royal court to live with her uncle by the coast, where she is wooed by both an officer of the law and a renegade smuggler. Shadows of Doubt, the sequel, follows Julia as she unknowingly gets caught up between the Bourbon and Bonapartist factions, as well as in romantic entanglements from both sides.
The Spanish Woman is an exciting tale of pirates and kidnapping that is based on a true tale, and Evan's latest book Beware of the Dragon is a tense drama set in China at the turn of the 20th century.

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  1. Congratulations Evan on such a happy and successful Launch of 'Shadows of Doubt'last night at Takapuna Library. Your books seemed to be selling fast and furious. You and your speakers were in top form. I have started reading your book and am entrapped already.

  2. JLA
    Finished reading 'Shadows of Doubt' now and found it extremely enjoyable. Excellently written; true to genre; well researched; an excellent read. This author is going from strength to strength.

  3. Wow! Another sparkling story, Shadows of Doubt to follow on from Shadows in the Night. Julia is quite a gal and I love your little half-hidden moments of sly humour!
    Once again I'm so impressed with your research and the amazing detail plus terminology of the era.
    You deserve every success with this one too and I hope the readers of Regency novels realise Julia is back and having a ball. (mostly!)