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Vicky Adin

My Job description is ....

Wife, mother of two, grandmother of four, Conference Manager, Secretary, and... Author (BA English, MA (Hons) Education)

I live on the North Shore of Auckland with my husband, within walking distance of the beach - my favourite place to walk, to think and to be at peace.

I love listening to music, gardening, reading - mostly historical novels - and genealogy.

The main thing that kept me from spending as much time writing as I would like to was my job as an professional conference organiser.

I started writing seriously in 2007 as an outcome of years of interest in New Zealand history and genealogy which resulted in my first published book Daniel: A tale of courage and determination, of love and loss.

My second novel is The Cornish Knot - the first in the Pastfinders series about genealogy and family history.
The next Pastfinders book is The Art of Secrets and work has already begun on the third.

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I also write some short stories, poetry and blank verse when time allows.

Favourite quote: Never regret the things you have done, only regret the things you haven’t.

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  1. If you want to discover the impressive writing of a local writer, read Vicky's Daniel. She has uncovered part of early settlers life in the Foxton area and the fascinating details of family and war-torn colonial life in NZ.
    This story will open your eyes to the exploits of both British army and local Maori. Highly recommended.