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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Getting your book out there.

One of the things new authors struggle with once they’ve got through the labyrinth of self-publishing is ‘what do I do now?’ You have a box or three of printed books – how do you get them to readers?

 The first task is to get your book listed on as many databases as possible, starting with the New Zealand National Library. If you obtained your ISBN from them you are obliged to send them two printed copies of the book, and even if you used an overseas ISBN it’s still worth sending copies to them as it will get your title listed on the library’s database. This is a resource for shops and libraries to find titles and publisher contact details to place orders. Download the legal deposit form from the National Library website, print it off and send it with the copies. If your book is in ebook format as well, email the form and the ebook file to the address on the form. Here's their website

Wheelers – a nationwide distributor and current exclusive supplier to Auckland libraries. They too have a new title form for you to fill in and email them. They will handle both print and ebooks.

Nielsen Book Data – an international book database.

Unity Books in Wellington supply libraries.

All Books NZ in  Christchurch

Once you’re listed with those, bookstores and libraries will be able to order your books. Now the hard part is to make them WANT to! Reader requests are your best tool here so plead with anyone and everyone to ask for your book at their local library – it does work.

Good luck!

Bev Robitai

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