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Maureen Green

Maureen Green has been anything but quiet since her retirement, taking up writing in 2005. Maureen has published work across the genres to include picture books, young adult novella’s, short stories and adult crime fiction, winning competitions in all three genres.
Passionate about bringing both published and unpublished authors’ works to readers, Maureen was one of the founders of 'From the Author’s Mouth’, a local writer/reader group which meets monthly and showcases local talent.
Maureen’s works have been published in America, United Kingdom and Australia and New Zealand and may be found throughout the Pacific Islands.

Her published works include:

Short stories

Five works entered into competitions in England in 2006 were selected published Short Stories Secret Attic.
Clean as a Whistle, published by T-Zero
It’s great to be Me, published by T-Zero
Seagull Sponge; published in NZ School Journal by Learning Media
New Hat Blue Hat: Something Story Publishing
Kitchen Magic: Something Story Publishing

Children’s Works
Dinosaur Stomp Published 2008. - a children’s picture book
Four Dragons; Bigziddlezot Multimedia 2006 Children's Book Award.
Four Dragons also in print

Magic in the Air; A collection for collection new works suited to years 5-11 by New Zealand authors
Rawiri the Little Spotted Kiwi,’ a read along, read to and read independently was published 2011
Young Adult
In Arthur's Footsteps

 Adult Fiction
Husssh! Thriller/chiller
Consequences: Literary Road Website
Footprints; a collection of short stories, has been recognized in New Zealand as a work of historical significance.

Detective Cameron Fuller, still haunted by the loss of his little brother to baby snatchers, is faced with an eerily similar case 30 years later. As his team of likeable, intelligent police colleagues investigates the snatching of Mandy-Jane Olsen, the dark underbelly of New Zealand society is revealed. Greed is a strong motive, but revenge is even stronger.

Tangled Web
Renee Gailbraith couldn't have foreseen that the launch of her revolutionary micro-chip would be life changing. Liam Polson, contracted by an underworld cartel to steal Renee’s invention, worms his way into her life, then defects from the cartel and marries her. As police and cartel agents pursue the newly-weds the body count rises. Pacy, violent action, danger & desire the plot has a shock ending.


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