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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Poetry from Monique - When Hindsight Hurts

For a change of pace, here's a poem from one of our newer members, Monique.

When Hindsight Hurts

Hindsight offers me a gleaming glimpse of what may have been my future
Shimmering in the realms of possibilities lost – vanished – never to return
The path I rejected was so attractive to me, it sparkled with the promise of happiness
Yet fear of circumstances that had not yet appeared frightened me away
I didn’t feel strong enough to accept what could happen; the failure that may ensue
Unequipped on many levels to face what might have happened
So I veered down an alternative route, a gravelly road
 A less appealing route, alas one the ignorance of youth perceived a safer option
One that would keep my ego intact, protecting it from the unpleasantness of failure
Upon reflection I wince at the cowardly actions of that person that called herself me many years before
Life has turned 360 degrees since then and she is alien to the me I know now.
Sometimes I feel bewildered with disbelief that the same person can make decisions so foreign.
However bitter the pill of yesteryear is to swallow, swallow it I did
And when I wonder why I was too feeble to advocate for the path that sparkled with so much promise
I remind myself that I chose the path that allowed me to become the wise woman that I am today
The enlightenment is cold but true, that simmering beneath the surface of my choices
The nature of life acts subliminally to secure growth, wisdom and wonder
Succeed I did to become somebody I want to be – I only wish there had been a less stony path.

Monique Constable

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