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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Barbara Algie definitely has "IT"!

Are you sitting waiting for ‘it’ now – like me? Will ‘it’ eventually arrive? What are you going to do if ‘it’ never turns up? ‘It’s is such an ephemeral thing ‘it’ sometimes comes out of the blue but quickly turns to despondency if ‘it’ never eventuates.
All of us spend a lot of our time, maybe even years, waiting for ‘it’ to strike. If and when ‘it’ does you’re usually away laughing. So try to be ready for ‘it’. Make sure you have pad and pencil in your bag, or pocket, when you go shopping for ‘it’ is everywhere. Frazzled mothers are coping with even more frazzled children whilst at the other end of the scale elderly couples are coping with what they have left of their twilight years. Rita Hayworth of the Silver Screen was once known as the ‘IT GIRL’ along with Betty Grable and Clara Bow, but because not everyone is blessed with their sexy vital statistics all this proves is there are a number of very different kinds of ‘it’.
Acquiring ‘it’ is easy – using ‘it’ is the hard part. Keep a pad and pencil beside your bed, for I’ve known people wake from a deep sleep and shout ‘That’s ‘it!’ in the middle of the night.
Mostly they decide it’s not worth risking chilblains by padding round the house in bare feet so by morning ‘it’s’ gone.
‘It’ could be any number of fanciful things, from the lyrics of a song that will top the charts, to that close friend whose name you couldn’t remember a week ago.
According to the English Encyclopedic Dictionary ‘it’ may be a range of things from ‘communication of ideas’ to ‘breathing/rapture/enthusiasm/genius’ and, finally, ‘poetical conceptions of a supernatural source’ - now that’s more like it. What is ‘it?’ INSPIRATION!!!
Being a lark I rise early and sit hoping, hoping whilst the owls of this world burn the midnight oil searching, ever searching. So sit down in front of your computer and type the first thing that comes into your mind – you never know ‘it’ could be the first chapter of the rest of your life. They do say ‘Use it or lose it’ – your choice.’
Barbara Algie

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