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Monday, 20 October 2014

Jean Allen's alias has a Bad Day!

 Chapter 7,846 of Caffeine Kate’s Bad Day book.

Caffeine Kate woke up this morning after a bad night’s sleep.
I shouldn’t have read so late. I shouldn’t have read at 2am or 4.30am either.  
She wandered out into the kitchen to drown her grotty self in a glass of water.   Three gulps later her charming husband, Bad Dan, said, “What happened to your hair? It looks like a dog’s breakfast.”
I shouldn’t have come into the kitchen before I went to the bathroom.
The phone rang. Their Accountant’s cheerful voice chirped down the phone, “How are you coming along with that book number count?”
Caffeine Kate grabbed a cup of three-spoon-sugared coffee and waited for the ‘busy-busy’ rush to kick in.
I shouldn’t have had coffee so early. I’m trying to keep it down to two a day. The sun shone. The birds sang. The bees buzzed. Bad Dan retreated to the garage while Kate madly re-counted her unsold books over a cup of coffee.
I shouldn’t be drinking this coffee with the bench still covered in dirty dishes.
Kate put the plug and the detergent in the sink, turned on the taps and hurried down to the bedroom to get her empty, middle of the night, teacup by her bed. There she found her scribbled list of book numbers, lying on the floor. She picked them up and decided she had better check her midnight work. Seconds later she drifted through the kitchen door … stopped; and screamed for Bad Dan. Sudsy water streamed out of the overflowing sink, over the bench, down the cupboard doors, into the cupboards and all over the kitchen floor. 
I shouldn’t have left the taps on! Pull the plug, Kate! Grab towels! Big towels!  An hour and a half later, cupboards bare and contents washed, Caffeine Kate and Bad Dan sat in the lounge drinking another cup of coffee while they wondered why everything had turned so bad.
“Think I’ll go fishing!” Bad Dan muttered.
I shouldn’t have kept reading that old Dick Francis ‘Rat Race’ mystery until three in the morning. I shouldn’t have got out of bed today! I shouldn’t have drunk so much coffee! I shouldn’t be talking to myself …

This is Jean ‘Angel’ Allen hoping you enjoyed that book you read too late last night.  

With apologies from Officer in Charge who forgot to post this on Friday. Must need more sleep myself!

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