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Friday, 8 August 2014

Maureen Green on the importance of Copy Editing

I do this every day—writing that is, AND, spend as much time on research or mentoring other authors as writing. I've been told I'm quite an accomplished writer, YET, there is an aspect of writing that really bugs me. Despite my ability to give advice on and edit other's works I'm hopeless at doing so with my own work. With help from my network partners and weekly critique of my writing by my three critique buddies my work becomes honed enough to forward it to beta readers for comment and then to a copy editor for substantive editing.

Recently I came across an interesting presentation focused entirely on that painstaking skill of copy editing. It was so visually appealing I thought it worth sharing.

Weird Al Yankovich Word Crimes -

Keep an eye out for 'Husssh,' the latest of my adult novels.


It has been through all but the final copy editing and it will be released later in the year.


Maureen Green

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