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Friday, 29 November 2013

Bev Robitai on Nanowrimo, news and novel ideas for launches.

Hi Team,

How’s our merry band of writers doing this week? It’s almost the last day of November so those who took up the challenge of Nanowrimo will be feeling the strain of completing their word targets by midnight on Saturday. I’m grateful that some of our little band chose to do a mini version of the full event and just aimed for 1000 words every day for November rather than the entire 1667 words a day. Surprising what a difference that makes, especially when you’re a day and a half behind and struggling to catch up! There are several benefits to putting yourself under pressure to perform by entering Nanowrimo – it sets up good habits of staying at your desk until you’re done, and of writing through any potential blocks. And if you let the words flow freely as they spring into your mind, you can allow your creativity full rein rather than stopping to consider every word. I’ve had a great time doing it and plan to carry on for December. (Oh all right, maybe a couple of days off for Christmas!)

Now, on a parochial note… Next Saturday, the 7th of December, we’ll be manning a stall at the Browns Bay Christmas event, hoping to hand-sell a few books to the Christmas shoppers. It’s a chance to push the ‘support local business, not big corporations’ barrow and convince people to buy local. The market runs from 11am through to the Santa Parade around 5pm and we’d love to see you there. Look for the Let’s Buy Books banner.

I attended a couple of colourful book launches recently – one for Jack Smith’s autobiography Ahoy There about his early life in the merchant navy, which was launched at The Bookmark in Takapuna to the accompaniment of raucous sea shanties.

The other was historian Scott Bainbridge’s latest book, The Basset Road Machine Gun Murders, which was held in Shanghai Lil’s, a cellar bar in Parnell, full of oriental silks and scattered cushions. Scott and several guests dressed as gangsters and the crowd got right into the spirit.

Start thinking about the launch you could plan for that Nanowrimo novel, once it’s finished…

Happy writing everyone!

Bev Robitai


Aka Officer in Charge



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