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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Mary Neilson dislikes -ING

 "As the maddest, baddest and not the youngest of this galley of rogues I had to zip up, was feeling me way until I was given me dues, you know, the chance to speak me piece. So here I am.
       Me pet peeve is words ending in "ing."

       It's just a buzzing wee thingy that slides into one's narrative, making it slitheringly slow in a reading.
You go along without noticing how the wordings are dragging your story-telling down until you start thinking, 'huh, I be having enough of these 'ing' wordings. Could there be another way?'
        We all know not to start a sentence with a word ending in
ing e.g. 'Smelling the roses, he bent lower' but most look at me strangely when I mention my 'ing' peccadillo.

        I was happening to be reading the amazing tips in the following link, and lo, a charming and clever young man, D.W. Wilson, born and raised in the small towns of the Kootenay Valley, British Columbia was talking about the very same thing!
Check it out.


Plus the competition is open now for entries.
It's worth a peepo folks, I promise you.
         Me thought me could rewrite this without the ing words, but perhaps me point is made.......

Kia pai to ra. Enjoy your day.
"Mad Mary"

Ma te wa.

Mary Elsmore-Neilson 

2012 Inaugural Winner Christine
Cole-Catley Short Story Award

Mary Neilson

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