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Friday, 6 December 2013

Boost your blog traffic: Six keys to writing great headlines, by Vicky Adin

As authors, we are constantly bombarded with promotions, advice and advertising (predominantly American) telling us the Umpteen Best ways to … get known / sell more books / get more followers / write the best blogs / write better/quicker/smarter / avoid writers block / design the best covers / … and the list goes on.

 If every author blogged on a website, wrote guest blogs on every blogging site suited to their genre, wrote reviews on the millions of books available worldwide in their genre on Amazon, Goodreads, Smashwords, and… and I won’t mention any others because there are too many, and daily updated their activity on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube et al, there would never be any books to read. Authors just wouldn’t have the time to write their story while they are so busy ‘getting known’.

 So what do we do? Not to do any marketing and promotion is a self-fulfilling recipe for obscurity. So, despite the overload of information and advice, which usually comes with a price tag, I came across this site on how to Boost your Blog Traffic.

 I have signed up to receive A Cheat Sheet for Writing Blog Posts That Go Viral.

I may regret it if they then bombard me with more advice, but there were some good tips on how to write headlines and how to reach the numbers of people out there that could make a difference to your sales figures. (You can download it free).

 There’s plenty of sound reading worth a look… and some good hints for writing headlines. Not only blog headlines, but also media releases, and even log lines (shout lines) anywhere you need a headline. After all, our aim is to attract attention, so any advice on how to do that must be worth a look. Right?

If you have read this far, what did you think of the headline? Did it grab your attention?

 Threat Headlines - What Keeps Your Readers up at Night?

Zen Headlines - Promising Your Readers a Simpler Life

Piggyback Headlines - Riding on the Back of a Famous Brand

Mistake Headlines - Irresistible Teasers from the Masters

How to Headlines - The Oldie but Goodie That Never Fails

List Headlines - Bite-Sized Content That Readers Adore
Best of luck with your blogging
Vicky Adin
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