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Friday, 16 November 2012

Jenny Harrison - Who's Your Reader?

The subject comes up every now and again; who do you write for? I’m not sure how to answer that question. If I had asked that of myself before I started out writing my latest novel, Rusty and Slasher’s Guide to Crime, my answer probably would have been that the book would be for those people who have lost touch with reality and walk around with aluminium foil wrapped around their heads and their shoes on the wrong feet.
Who do we write for? A writer I know and admire recently wrote a description of her ideal reader in her blog. I’m not sure if she realised it but it was a perfect description of herself – over 50, educated and interested in history. I would have added svelte and charming to the list. And I would have also mentioned “loves fine footwear” too.
Vicky, you know who you are.
So, who will my ideal reader be? Boris Johnson, Michael Palin, or Brett McKenzie and Jemaine Clement from “Flight of the Conchords” for a start. They are all lovely chaps with a weird sense of humour. I’d also throw in Rhys Darby for good measure.
But in the end I suppose the people who will get read my book will be thoroughly respectable members of my local library and, hopefully, all those dear folk in our local retirement villages who we are about to conquer with our charm and talent and our wicked sense of humour.

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  1. Thanks for the flattery Jenny - and nice to know someone reads my blog page too!!
    I read somewhere - and I know you and I have talked about this too - that we should write the books we want to read. That way our voice appeals to a similar demographic.
    I love the humour in your books. You always make me laugh - it's a great skill. Keep up the good work.