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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Evan Andrew on Writing Today

1st of November, and spring is finally here! The sun is shining, and I’m filled with positive thoughts for the coming year ahead.
The Frankfurt Book Fair has been a real feather in our caps, for all New Zealand authors, whether you had a book on the stands at the fair, or not.
It has really put us as writers on the world stage, and I feel sure that the spin offs, for everyone, including all our readers, now and in the future, is going to be immense.
My large print books are now available, and I’m delighted at the response and how well received they have been. After all the hard work, it gives you such a fillip of pleasure, when you first hold the new book hot off the press.
Next week our writing group is doing the first of our library tours to Orewa. This will be followed up by more visits, so that we as authors can meet our readers, and discuss our different writing styles and genres with them. Will let you know how well it goes.
The enthusiasm with which the libraries and librarians have embraced the idea is heart-warming to say the least, and like other book groups, and service clubs, we are all only too happy to assist and promote our work.
Biggest problem at the moment is finding the time to write!
Here is a snippet from the new novel I am writing at the moment. Working title, ‘Beware of The Dragon,’ set in China in Peking about the Boxer rebellion against the foreign Legations in 1900 and the enduring siege.

The memory of that ride as they jolted over the uneven pavement would remain with Eleanor for the rest of her life.
The rickshaw coolies shouting out to clear the way, among the seething mass of humanity, which eventually because of sheer numbers finally forced them to almost a walk. The strange oriental buildings, some with red pennants and coloured streamers blowing in the wind, and others with hanging signs representing their trade or business, were almost overwhelming in their complexity and variation.
They turned a corner into one of the main thoroughfares of the Tartar city and Eleanor watched in amazement Mongols in shaggy coats riding on small ponies, old men on donkeys, and closed curtained sedan chairs, and palanquins, perhaps containing some noble Chinese lady with bound feet
Surrounding them peasants shouldering long bamboo poles with caged birds, and baskets containing other animals or bales of goods, pushed their way through the crowds of people as they went about their business.
Mangy dogs slunk out of the way, as a camel driver with three ships of the desert sauntered by, mesmerising Eleanor with their peculiar rocking motion as they passed a local herdsman, skilfully mustering a flock of sheep along the road to the slaughter house, and a wealthy Mandarin surrounded by his entourage of guards on horseback raced by.
More next time! 

Evan G Andrew


  1. This Spring has certainly brought forth many new books from our Mairangi Mob. A lot of winter work goes into growing these books and yours, Evan looks tantalizing. We're a bit like the daffadils, aren't we? We bury ourselves at our computers and research as daffadil bulbs grow silently in the dark. Then comes Spring and we show our books while they show their heads. I'll look forward to your next blog.

  2. A tantalizing taste of your next book, Evan. We know from past novels that your research is impeccable so this new book is going to be eagerly awaited. Perhaps its time for you to give us a glimpse into your research methods. I, for one, would love to know how the heck you do it!