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Thursday, 3 May 2012

When Authors Get Too Busy To Write

When Authors Get Too Busy To Write  Click on this link to read a timely article on putting writing before marketing  (just when you were getting your heads around Facebook and blogging!)

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  1. I doubt any of us could add to that blog or the comments that follow.
    Time is always, and always will be, the enemy. With so many really important commitments to family, friends and work taking most of time, finding time and head space to write it difficult. Marketing is the bane of every writer's life whether they are the fortunate few to find an agent or a publisher or whether they are indies like most of us. I suspect I am going to end up with boxes of my books unsold because I seem unable to find enough time (or energy) to put into the sales process when I would rather be writing - I wonder what the next generation will do with them then? Might I be famous in the after-life...? One can only hope.