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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Jean Allen - ‘Bev Robitai gives Powerful Talk on Self-Publishing.’

Recently I attended the launches of two new books, Shadows of Doubt, a Regency novel by Evan Andrew and Body on the Stage, a murder mystery by Bev Robitai. Both are sequel books and carry characters over from the authors’ first books of their series. These books are well researched and make excellent reading. I congratulate these writers, not only on their writing but on their professionalism.
     Bev Robitai, as Evan’s editor, and as author of her own book, addressed these two large gatherings and gave the most positive and powerful address on self-publishing that I have heard in a very long time.  Bev is a multi-tasking phenomenon. Her business output is astonishing. She is an editor, writer of murder mysteries and photographer and this is what she had to say, with small digressions, at both launches.
 ‘This is a very exciting time to be a writer. Writers have wrestled control of their careers back from the stone-walling publishers to get their books to readers - and the world is all the richer for it. Writing a book has been likened to having a baby. In the old days of mainstream publishing, the author, feeling their time was due, waddled along to the publisher and surrendered to them. There was a quick caesarean section, then the book was sent off to boarding school and the author had little more to do with it except perhaps the occasional book signings.
Now there is self-publishing, and that’s a home birth!
The author goes through all the labour of getting the book out into the world, helped by chosen professionals who act as midwives to edit it, proofread, design the cover and set the layout. The book comes into being and is home-schooled with the author still in full control of every aspect of production, distribution and sales. It is SO much more satisfying!
And just as it takes a village to raise a child, so a book’s readers can help to propel it into the world by posting reviews, Tweeting, sharing on Facebook, or just chatting over coffee to recommend it to friends.
With the tools now available writers can produce a single copy of memoirs for the family, or try for world domination through the sale of e-books and international print on demand.’
I found Bev Robitai’s talk inspiring - and one the writing world needs at this time. I do not believe that because an era of change is difficult the end result will be bad! Rather I believe growth and adversity make for strength and quality. I for one thank Bev for her talents and foresight. I wish her all the best and I will be looking forward to hearing more of her insights on writing today. Her website is  and her Facebook page is
The Mairangi Writers Group has brought out three books in three months. They are
River River Raupo Rye  a NZ historical novel by Jean Louise Allen
Shadows of Doubt  a Regency sequel novel by Evan Andrew
Body on the Stage a NZ mystery and sequel by Bev Robitai or on

This is Jean ‘Angel’ Allen hoping you enjoy the book you are reading today. 




  1. Fantastic, Jean. Thank you for putting it into words to be shared. Very positive and uplifting and yes we have a lot to thank Bev for.

  2. I've added a link to this site from my blog

    1. I'm pleased you liked my blog Vicky and I found your blog site and had a good read. I will continue to follow it.

  3. Bev has encouraged me to get off my 'proverbial' and get moving. In the next week or so I will be putting "The Lives of Alice Pothron" out as (1) an e-book and then (2) as hard copy with CreateSpace. I've been writing to literary agents and publishers in the USA for over a year, trying to find someone to either represent me or publish me. In vain. Whether it's the book publishing climate, the economic climate or whatever, it seems that mainstream publishers are running scared. But, what the heck, who needs them!