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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Monique Hale on the power of self discipline

Discipline is such a misunderstood word!  Often it is related to punishment and harsh consequences.

But I see discipline as a mental stamina, comparable to the stamina it requires the iron man to draw upon to finish the race.

When we set goals, challenges are inevitable.  We need to expect them.  In my younger years, I anticipated the biggest hurdles were the ones that other people presented.  As I have matured I have realised that the biggest threat to achieving my goals is my own mind. Having the discipline to prioritise my vision of success over the immediate gratification of stopping is a battle – and one I would like to win.  Fancy being sabotaged by your own mind – crazy stuff, yet it is a constant of my past.

The fear of failure that crops up on the way to our goal is human nature’s tendency. Waxing and waning between ‘yes I will do this’ to ‘eh what’s the point’ is a common theme for most of us. 

Allowing discipline to win develops our self-esteem and it assists us to like ourselves.  It empowers us with the positive belief that we do actually create ourselves, that our destiny is not randomly pre-determined.  This feeling of empowerment is critical to our happiness; to the sense of knowledge that we are not wasting our time in this body.  Thus I would like to offer you a piece of advice that I only hope I can take when I find myself confronted with fear – forfeit the instant gratification, people, and remain focussed on your target!

Self-discipline is strengthened by being utilised – and it is our friend!  Opt to do what you decided to do, when you decided to do it, whether you feel like it or not.  Support this with a clear vision of what attainment of your goal looks like, feels like and smells like - this is a magic formula.  Discipline and success are best friends.  See discipline as part of the deal from the get-go and make peace with it.  Discipline is an essential component in consciously creating the you that you desire.

So….what task did you set for yourself that remains uncompleted?  Allow discipline to be your champion!
Monique Hale

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