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Friday, 5 June 2015

Evan Andrew idly muses on a winter's day.

It’s a cold, wet, windy, grey winters day, and I’m still fighting off a cold that doesn’t seem to want to go away. Well, it’s June in New Zealand, so what else can we expect?

This is the time of the year I normally like to get my writing done, but the muse seems to have deserted me at the moment, and I am not happy with what has been produced.

In March I had copies of my first novel ‘Shadows In the Night’ as a Goodreads promotion, and it had a very good response. I duly posted the books off to the lucky winners, and waited with bated breath, to hopefully read some encouraging reviews.

Last week I received a nice message from one of the winners whose book had never arrived. I know NZ Post are having their problems, but with the cost of postage today, why did they have to lose one of my books? I duly sent off my apology and another book, and was delighted to hear back from the prize-winner that the second book had arrived, and furthermore they promised to write me a review!

NZ Post, you are forgiven.

I have just finished reading Giles Waterfield’s new novel, ‘The Iron Necklace,’ which I thoroughly recommend to anyone who enjoys historical novels. The story of a young English girl who marries into a German family before the first World War, and the lives of various members of both families, continues on to the nineteen seventies, is captivating. I admired his writing immensely. He won the McKitterick Prize for his earlier novel ‘The Long Afternoon,’ which I have requested from the library, and look forward to reading as soon as it arrives.

(Yes, I know I should be writing,) but it won’t arrive for at least a week, so I will knuckle down and get to work, and hope the muse is with me.

It certainly doesn’t look too inviting outside.

Ah well, only sixteen more days to go until the shortest day of the year, and then, roll on spring!

Evan Andrew

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