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Sunday, 8 June 2014

The Book Show - soon on TV in NZ

It will be hosted jointly by Graham Beattie and Carole Beu and will include reviews, interviews with authors; and news about books and writers. Carole Beu is well known from the Women’s Bookshop in Ponsonby Road and Graham Beattie’s blog is the most widely read book blog in New Zealand. A superbly knowledgeable pair, who is there better qualified to establish such a timely initiative?

Initially there were not enough funds to enable the show to start; and so Carole and Graham resorted to appealing for funds through their crowd funding site ‘Boosted’. Wonderfully, within weeks the funds needed to get things going had been raised. They are now able to start planning an extended season for the show as funds continue to be donated.

If you are interested in having publishing issues discussed, would like to hear a range of authors talk about their work, would appreciate the opportunity to make comment on any aspect of the book publishing and selling industry, go to THE BOOK SHOW or

It seems to me this is an idea which has found its time. It is impossible for two or more writers to get together without the challenges relating to publishing and finding a readership being discussed.  Should we persevere with trying to find an established publisher; if we do, what can we do about the ‘bleeding’ of our hard won earnings into the hands of agents, cover designers, editors etc?  If we persevere with independent publishing, how and where do we find our target readership?

 If we support Graham and Carole with this show, we will sustain a forum where our concerns can be voiced, not only to the converted within our own ranks, but that wider audience –  who often don’t  know  how many good books they are missing out on – the enthusiastic readers of New Zealand.

Erin McKechnie

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  1. Well said, Erin. Anything that can reach that wider audience should be embraced with our full support.