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Monday, 2 June 2014

Can you live on a writer's income?

If you wonder if the tales of new writers making it big by self-publishing are just referring to a few individuals, take a look at the extensive list of happy writers who posted at the link above when invited to say if they'd been able to quit their day job and support themselves by writing.

Here's the brief -
Passive Guy on The Passive Voice
Indie Authors Quitting Their Day Jobs
“What if you put up a post that asked anyone who has recently been able to go “full time”, quit their day job and write, to post their name. Maybe they could also put when or how soon they are planning to do it.”

It's a real eye-opener! I've been reading the comments for the last twenty minutes and am only halfway down the page. There are writers out there in every country, in every genre, doing what they love and getting a realistic return for their efforts.

I'm pleased to see that - it's an inspiration to continue what I'm doing - how about you?

Off to finish my sixth novel now and it's so close to the end I'm excited! I'd tell you all about it and do a little sneaky promotion but I haven't quite settled on a title yet. It'll probably be something like "Sunstrike: Bradley's Journey". Keep watching!


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