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Friday, 24 March 2017

Barbara Algie has a cure for Aging

‘Oh to be young again, believe in fairies, believe in anything. Ageing seems to be a process where not only body parts inevitably start to wither but also the will to ‘do things’. Once I had yards of ‘wishes’ put aside, hoping they would be achievable eventually (a ‘bucket list’ as it’s known today).

Horrid name for a receptacle in which to put such fanciful ideas. I have never yearned to bungy jump or leap off Mt Everest with a pair of clip-on fairy wings as heights turn me into a blithering coward. Nor have I hankered to go deep into the bowels of the earth caving. Not enough room or air down there for one let alone a pas de deux. So that limits me to simple things being done on the grassy side of terra firma. Pas de deux is rather a lovely

expression don’t you think? Stimulates even the most sluggish of imaginations. Must be an exquisite sensation if one could accomplish this to thunderous applause on stage somewhere. Reaching the required standard puts this one out of the question and even dancing has its drawbacks for the not so young. Recently heard of some who’ve suffered serious joint problems having been coerced into giving Zumba a go. Actually I think it must be all this heat we are currently experiencing for I really intended writing about elderly joints and how they may easily be lubricated with a minimum of effort.

I am talking here of an age-old lubricating remedy known as G&T and the simplicity with which it may now be purchased. No more breaking fingernails or cutlery trying to open tonic bottles sealed with child-and-senior-citizen-proof caps. Comes conveniently already ‘mixed’ in containers which the sponsors have cunningly made ridiculously easy to open. Saves on not having to divvy out too much of the precious main ingredient by mistake.

A trip to your nearest liquor outlet is all that’s required. Just make sure you always have plenty of lemon slices frozen inside the ice cube. Easy Peasy.’


Big Al


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