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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Bev Robitai is renovating for Christmas

T’was the night before Christmas – the house wasn’t done

No chance for the poor Robitailles to have fun

Four months they had toiled by day and by night

Their clothing in tatters, their hair looked a fright.


They’d landscaped the garden with digger and truck

When it bogged in the driveway poor Eddie said f*…!

They built stronger muscles from shovelling dirt

Effective for weight loss but hell how it hurt!


The house was all painted in stylish BlackWhite

New tiles, new carpets - it changed overnight.

New showers, new toilets, a stone kitchen bench

Designed to delight the most fussy young wench.


And once the inside was all shiny and clean

They started on fencing, in Karaka green.

Bev painted for hours on trellis and tin

While Ed measured timber and put the posts in.


They’re on the last stages now – new steps and gates

Thankful for all of the help from their mates.

In the month after Christmas it goes on the market

(Assuming they handle the pace and don’t cark it.)

When the work is all done and they get a good price

They can rest and relax then – won’t that be nice?


Wishing all our blog readers a very Merry Christmas and a safe holiday season. See you back here in the New Year when new adventures await!


Bev Robitai

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