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Friday, 13 November 2015

How and Why do you choose a book? Vicky Adin wants to know!

Dear Reader – Please, tell me HOW?

How do you choose a book to read? Carefully or on impulse?
Research has told us the majority of books are read because a friend has recommended the story. But what if that friend reads a different genre and style?

I once recommended a book to a friend who liked modern, down-to-earth crime stories with realistic characters and plots, whereas the story I’d recommended was set in the past, used lyrical language, had a bunch of dotty characters and a plot line any amateur private eye would have walked through. I enjoyed it mostly because of the setting and the language: she hated it. The books were a bit like comparing Agatha Christie with Dan Brown.

So, I’d like you to rank the reasons you would choose a book – other than it had been recommended by someone you know.

Reason 1:
So, first up the book itself. Why do you choose a book?
In which order do you rank the following choices?

  1. The title.
  2. The cover design.
  3. The shout line on the front cover, which tells you a little about the setting and mood of the story.
  4. The blurb on the back cover, which provides hints of the troubles the leading characters will meet along the way.
  5. The price.
  6. Reason 2:

Now, where would you buy it? Do you prefer print or e-books?

  1. In a bookstore as a print book.
  2. Online via book sites like Amazon, Smashwords, iBooks, etc. - as an e-book
  3. Online via a bookstore – eg: Whitcoulls, Mighty Ape etc. – as a print book
  4. From a market stall or sales table.
  5. From the author at an author talk, or book signing.
Reason 3:

And how did you know about the book?

  1. You follow the author.
  2. You saw (or heard) it being advertised.
  3. You saw someone reading it.
  4. You asked a friend.
  5. You didn’t know about it beforehand – you bought it on impulse (see first set of questions about the book.
I’d love to know.

Please type the Reason Number and the 1-5 of your ranking in the comments below.

Reason 1:  1-5

Reason 2: 1-5

Reason 3: 1-5

Thank you!

Vicky Adin


  1. Reason 1: First Type of book, I look for sets as I read fast,then #4
    Reason 2 :bookstore
    reason 3: 1 sometime but mostly I check Baen free library for authors

  2. Reason One:

    Title, cover design, blurb, price, shout line.

    Reason Two:

    All of the above!

    Reason Three:

    Rec from friend, impulse, follow author, advertised, saw someone reading it.