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Friday, 17 July 2015

How to Look Like You Belong Online

The new world of social media, email, Twitter and Facebook is hard to get your head around, especially if you’ve been forced to confront it ah, let’s say late in life. You want to get involved but sometimes you do the wrong thing and a patient colleague or sighing grandchild will point it out to you, making you feel bad. Here are a couple of tips to help you avoid some of the common blunders.

On Facebook, don’t post replies to other people’s posts in your own status box. If you do that it will show up on all your friends’ pages as a separate item that bears no relation to the item you posted about. When you want to comment on something someone else has posted, use the comment box directly beneath their post. Or to reply to a comment that’s already there, click on the word ‘reply’ to get a new box you can type into.

On both Facebook and email, don’t share any article that screams ‘tell everyone!!!!!’  without checking it first. Almost every time, that dramatic plea to ‘please share with everyone you know…THIS IS AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE’ is either a hoax or a total waste of time. How can you find out? Here’s a typical email warning.

[Collected via e-mail, November 2014]


Feel free to pass this along to anyone you want. Better safe than sorry.


GPS left on dashboard in the sun - WOW! Keep those electronics with Lithium Batteries out of the sun!!!!!!!!


Looks like a good lesson to learn. I would bet this also applies to Cell phones, tablets, digital cameras, and other devices that use lithium batteries. You think this may be a reason why the US Postal Service will not ship electronic devices that contain lithium batteries any longer?


GPS was placed in its bracket in the windshield and left in the sun. The battery overheated and exploded!


Can you say "Totaled"?


Gosh, that sounds serious. Several of my friends have GPS in their car. Should I warn them right away? NO! Check it first by taking the key words from the message that cover what it’s about, like ‘GPS dashboard fire’ and type them into Google. You should see a whole set of articles on the subject from a range of sites, and good ones to look for are or hoaxbusters.

Here’s the GPS fire link at so you can see the true story.

Just spending a few minutes browsing through the Snopes site will arm you with all the latest hoax stories doing the rounds and help you to recognise new ones.

Don’t be discouraged or put off from sharing things online – everyone likes a good inspirational quote or a picture of a rainbow, and there are great benefits to be had from your online friends. As a writer I have a wonderful and supportive community at my fingertips every day, always quick with a pat on the back for success or a word of sympathy when times are hard. Follow me on and I’ll be nice, I promise!


Bev Robitai


  1. You forgot pictures of cats :p

    Otherwise - fantastic article.

  2. Thanks, Z! I would have added some cat photos and all sorts of other helpful illustrations if only the blasted blog site would allow me to use Explorer to do it. But when I upload a picture it shows it onscreen then sits there mocking me with the slowly unfolding coloured circle indicating something is happening...but it isn't. Ever. Even if I go away for an hour and come back. Nothing but a slowly unfolding coloured circle until the end of time.

  3. Thanks, Bev. I tend to learn through trial and error which makes my Facebook page look like a bombsite - then I don't know how to tidy it up. Always sound advice from Our Bev!

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