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Friday, 3 April 2015

Pam Laird recommends Caitlin Moran for a great laugh.

Hands up now! How many of you have read, How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran? Yes, I realise it was published four years ago, but you have to understand I’m the one who’s always tagging along at the end.

If you want a totally refreshing look on life through the eyes of English woman C. Moran then, it’s all here. In among the belly laughs are words of great wisdom for women, possibly men too. You may have to put the laughs on hold for a while, but the wisdom is certainly there.

I’ve also learned that Caitlin has a number of male admirers of her revelations about women. God help us if they ever act upon some of them!

Another thing you’ll discover is the high percentage of woman-kind who can knowledgeably pat her on the back for some of her insights. Over the years we may have buried those thoughts as bizarre but now we learn most of the female gender are just as crazy as we’ve always thought ourselves. Well, not me personally of course, but heaps of others!

Look at the chapter headings…
I become Furry, What to call my Breasts? I Need a Bra, I am Fat, I Go Lap-Dancing, I get into Fashion, to mention but a few.

This is a whole hand-book on how to face the world from the age of 13. In between the unrestrained laughter one finds such paraphrased gems as the over-sized breasts of a desperately running girl calling out, ‘Just go on without me, I’ve had a good life.’
It seems to me, we are sadly lacking in books written with a delightfully fresh slant, filled with humour and dare I say it, written by women. This is a dandy; try it for your summer reading.

Pam Laird


  1. Must find a copy now my interest has been piqued

  2. Must find a copy now my interest has been piqued