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Friday, 21 November 2014

An Overview of Self Publishing - Bev Robitai

  • Write your book, being creative and artistic and inventive, using beautiful language to tell engaging stories. Allow your imagination full rein and use as many words as you need to tell the story.
  • Stop being an artist and become an editor. Shape, modify, improve. Pare back to the essentials to make the story stronger. Have you added too many details of that research that was just too fascinating to leave out? If it's not essential for the story - cut it.
  • Decide on the production process – what can you tackle yourself and what will you need help with? You can pay others to do the publishing tasks, or you can up-skill and handle most of them yourself.
  • Open accounts on, (for print) and Kindle Direct Publishing (for Kindle ebooks.)
  • Format and publish your ebook and/or print book. For help with that I can recommend A Reassuring Guide to Self Publishing - (shameless sales plug, sorry!) - Amazon link
  • Send the obligatory copies to your national archive and list it on book databases for retail and library suppliers.
  • If sales are important to you, work on promotion. Enlist the help of all your contacts to spread the word on social media. Be active online.
  • Write the next book.
Got all that? Great! Get going!
And good luck,
Bev Robitai

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  1. Good stuff, Bev. Can't wait for the book to come out and then the movie.