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Friday, 8 February 2013

Maureen Green says 'There's a story in all of us.'

It's never too late to fashion experiences and ideas into literary works.
     I had never considered writing as a pasttime, but boredom (and my family chivvying me to record the stories invented for our grandsons) got me hooked on writing.
     My first recorded piece was conceived while tracking over barren sand dunes with my five year old grandson, Brad. (We are recognized Moa Hunters.)
     As he crested a rise, (he was always ranging well ahead of me) he stopped, drew in a deep breath and, eyes popping, turned to me.
     “Look Grandma,” he called, pointing, “What are they?”
     Puffing from exertion, I gathered speed, crested the rise, craned my neck, looked, and said, “Bunny Tails.”
     For a moment Brad stood silent. His brow crinkled. He chuckled, “Oh Grandma. Bunny Tails? You’re telling.”
     “Never!” I responded, sat down and, legs acting like brakes to control my speed, slid down the dune to the clump of grasses. Brad, more adventurous than I, careered down the slope.
     “See,” I said, and plucked some heads. “These flowers are shaped like a rabbit's tail.” I tickled his nose with the bunch.
     He gingerly ran his hand through the heads. “Soft,” he murmured, wonderment sounding in his voice, “just… just like bunnies’ tails.”
     So began, not only an oral rendition of 'How Bunny Tails Got Their Name', but a written form, entitled ‘Magic in the Air’ which, when submitted to an American agency, was accepted.
     Since that day, writing has become a part of my life. Little snippets of everyday activities  fire my imagination. Each week my tutor and my critique partners challenge me to greater effort. This is my most important motivator as I seek self improvement in writing.
     Of course, like all writers, I’ve had rejections. Despite that, I have a growing list of mainstream and independently published works; short stories, picture books, children’s and young adult’s works as well as adult thrillers.
      It's never too late to begin or to enjoy writing. Join a group. Record your stories. Let your imagination run free and actively seek feedback.

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