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Friday, 4 January 2013

A New Year post from Barbara Algie

Last week we were Ho Ho Ho-ing, sitting amidst a pile of Christmas paper and presents and catching up with good friends we hadn’t seen for yonks. Now, in the short space of a few days, it’s become Well Well Well – fancy that – how TIME flies – where on earth did last year go?

It’s not just a fallacy that, when age creeps over even the smallest hill, life appears to whizz by in overdrive and, as one who’s staggering towards the crest of Everest, I can personally vouch for that.

I hope you have all made  New Year Resolutions (which haven’t yet had TIME to be broken) about how much TIME you are going to spend writing, or reading in the coming months, and vowing to do one good deed per day (TIME permitting). January should not be the only TIME one stops and thinks of life’s crossroads. Give the ones with ‘No Exit’ on them a miss and take those with the most exciting names. Roads you have always meant to travel down and explore but have never had TIME to get off the beaten track and see where they lead.

TIME – ah yes – what a word. It crops up so often but has a thousand excuses. Years ago I recall John Rowles said it all with his most famous song ‘If I only had time....’ Unfortunately this little word rules our lives. How often have we said ‘sorry I didn’t have TIME to call’ on a friend who was ill, only to find we had left it too late? To say ‘sorry I ran out of TIME’ when we let somebody down who was expecting us? Perhaps one of the best New Year Resolutions would be to ensure we make TIME for the little things which mean so much.

Remember, if John Rowles can make TIME to have a ‘Final Farewell Concert’ every six months, it’s TIME we did better!’

 A New Year post from Barbara Algie


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