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Friday, 14 December 2012

Jean Allen on showing character with language


‘On my holidays my mother sent me to stay with Auntie Beral. I didn’t know Auntie Beral very well. She was skinny and tall and had spectackles that keeped on rolling down her nose and she keeped pushing them back up her nose with her thumb. Her eyes looked like they were on a escanlater.
        On the first day we played Snap and I won all the games.
        On the second day we had pikelets and treacle and cheese for lunch and I was sick on her carpet square and she showed me how to wash up the sick.
        On the third day we went out to see her friend Eva Cramps and I had to call her Auntie Eva Cramps and we had scrambled egges for lunch and they were so runny they ran all over the table cloth.
        On the last day we went shopping and Auntie Beral let me stay outside with Buskabill from Buffalohill. He played all the nursery rhymes on his geetar and I singed every one of them and so did he but he singed different words than me. We made lots and lots of money and when Auntie Beral came out of the Supermarket I wasn’t there because we were in the Ice Cream Parlar next door and eating ice cream sundees with chocolate sauce and jelly beans on top and then she did find us and she was mad. I think it was becos she didn’t get any ice cream sundees and she was jellus. Next holidays Mum says I can go to the moon!’           © Jean’s younger alter ego

This is Jean ‘Angel’ Allen hoping you are enjoying today’s character.

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  1. Gud spellin' ain't allays necessary, Jean! Depends on the karickters. In my book "The Indigo Kid" I use not mis-spellng as such but mispronunciation for one or two of the characters. Like the mis-spelled words in your charming piece, they give pointers to the personality of the protagonists. For example, Charlie, in "The Indigo Kid" uses the word 'deckle-dubber' buses, a term my youngest daughter 'invented'! So, mis-spell away, dear writer!