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Friday, 22 June 2012

Just WRITE, dammit!

Ah, it’s blog post day, my turn on the group roster, and the dreaded blank page awaits. How should I fill this week’s post? Borrow something clever from another blog? Repost an informative article? Or face the music and write something clever and informative of my own like a proper writer would.

OK, let’s assume for a moment that a proper writer gene is built in to my DNA somewhere (they can be elusive little buggers at times.) What can I share with my audience that would be entertaining and illuminating? If I mention technology, many readers will turn pale and look away. The idea of spending time on Facebook fills them with horror. The rest who have embraced social media will feel a pang of guilt at how much time they’ve just spent catching up with Facebook posts instead of working and rush off to catch up. Ditto Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest – all black holes of distraction where writers disappear for hours at a time instead of writing.

No, this blog post should be positive, helpful – even inspiring if I get it right. How about listing books that will help you to write better? There are dozens offering advice, and even more of it online in a plethora of forums and discussion groups – not to mention the grammar sites offering clarification on the smallest points of linguistic correctness. It’s all out there to find – you don’t need me to point it out to you. Google takes care of that.
There must be something I can tell you...

Hey look, the page has filled up quite nicely.  I’ve written a whole blog post just by sitting here and tapping the keys.  Seems the secret of success as a writer is to stay in your seat and write.

Happy tapping!


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  1. Just shows that if you sit down and "let your fingers do the walking" you can actually make things happen. Nice one, Bev! For all those "out there" I have to tell you that Our Bev is a whiz kid! She edits, formats, knows how to make the Internet sit up and beg and, on top of that, can organise a pretty damn good book event. The Thursday night Mystery Evening at our local library was a case in point. Three mystery writers were quizzed by one of the judges of the Ngaio March Crime Writer's Awards. One dear lady was so overcome by their brilliance she fainted. Well, perhaps not, it was a bit hot! But the rest of us had a ball. Well done, Our Bev. Looking forward to the next one.