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Friday, 16 March 2012

'Speak!' at the Pumphouse.

Six of the Mairangi Mob among a group of North Shore writers who performed at the Pumphouse theatre on March 11th. The event was 'Speak!' and showcased poets, novelists and short story writers reading their own work. Thanks to the Pumphouse theatre for providing the venue and Heather Davies the Community Coordinator for arranging.


  1. Sorry I couldn't be with you all. Heard you all had a lovely day. The one thing that seems to be missing though is an audience that is not made up of fellow writers and their families. How can we do that for next time?
    What is the magic ingredient we need to find to attract the general public?
    Any ideas anyone?

    1. Yes - more forward publicity in an innovative way to encourage the general public into realising local writers are
      entertaining listeners with tales of murder, mahem and mirth. There is also nothing like a 'freebie' to draw the
      crowds - so what about a glass of chateau cardboard to start
      proceedings? Usually works wonders!

    2. As a lifelong taster of good wines (and the cheesy nibbles that usually go with them) I heartily endorse the wine concept. Perhaps we could inveigle a string quartet or a choir (capello perhaps?) to join us. Piggy-backing on another group would give us a bigger audience.